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ESG reporting: Top strategies for effective stakeholder reporting

About this event

Constructing a system to gather the right data for stakeholder reporting demands technology and expertise that many companies lack. ESG reporting involves more than presenting current data; it evolves with goals and strategies. This is where managed ESG reporting solutions come into play, streamlining processes, ensuring accuracy and aiding companies in efficiently meeting reporting requirements.

Join us for our 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s Senior Advisor Andrew Henderson will cover in detail the key aspects of internal and external stakeholder reporting, as well as:

  • stakeholder reporting challenges – explore the current state of stakeholder reporting and its data-related hurdles
  • effective stakeholder reporting strategies – learn how to present key goals, objectives and risk metrics to your stakeholders
  • common reporting pitfalls – discover the most prevalent mistakes that organisations make when engaging in stakeholder reporting
  • benefits of managed reporting solutions – learn how managed reporting solutions can cover your entire stakeholder reporting process by delivering both technology and expertise.

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    Andrew Henderson Senior Advisor @ Speeki Inc


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