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How ISO standards and guidelines can solve your ESG reporting and data challenges

About this event

Most companies are coming to terms with the fact that ESG reporting is increasing exponentially, with more and more countries mandating some form of reporting. Mandatory ESG reporting requirements now extend well beyond detailing greenhouse gas emissions, and include disclosure of other key environmental issues, safety, human rights, modern-day slavery, supply chain and overall third-party due diligence, among other topics.

While reporting is a challenge, it is not the solution. The solution is building programmes to address these critical areas in your materiality assessment and using those programmes to develop ready-made data that can be easily turned into ESG reports required by regulators.

In this 30-minute webinar, Speeki’s CEO Scott Lane will take you on a journey of ESG and sustainability. He will explain how already existing management system standards can help you run your programmes as one integrated management system that can meet available reporting requirements from all known jurisdictions.

You will be introduced to:

  • the steps beyond a materiality assessment and how to turn important areas into a management system
  • how to identify the available management systems that you can use
  • how to quickly and easily migrate your existing initiatives into a management system
  • how an integrated system can save you time and effort in managing separate issues
  • how an integrated system can help solve the data challenges that come with ESG reporting.

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    Scott Lane CEO @ Speeki Inc


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