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How to conduct supplier due diligence in four simple steps

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Businesses are increasingly realising the necessity of maintaining ethical and sustainable practices throughout their supply networks, aligning with legal requirements and societal expectations for responsible corporate behaviour. This raises the crucial question: How can companies comply with the regulations and ensure their supply chains remain free from unethical practices and environmental harm?

Join our 30-minute webinar with Speeki’s CEO and Founder Scott Lane, who will discuss in detail the best strategies for conducting effective supplier due diligence. The webinar will cover:

  • AI-driven supplier risk assessments – find out how AI-driven risk assessments can help you focus your diligence efforts more effectively while onboarding new suppliers
  • web-based supplier assessments – learn how to evaluate suppliers’ ESG and sustainability performance across 19 areas using testing and scorecard solutions
  • supplier background checks – get expert advice on how to perform background checks covering major ESG and sustainability aspects
  • social media monitoring – learn how to use social media monitoring to identify and mitigate ESG risks across your supply chain.

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