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ISO 37001: How to prepare for the certification process

About this event

ISO 37001 is a universally acknowledged standard providing guidance for organisations in the creation, implementation and maintenance of an anti-bribery management system. Serving as a comprehensive framework, ISO 37001 addresses the complexities of mitigating bribery risks.

Certain key considerations must be prioritised to attain and sustain this certification. Is your organisation adequately prepared to navigate the certification process with efficiency?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s CEO and Founder Scott Lane will give you practical advice on preparing for a successful ISO 37001 certification audit, covering such aspects as:

  • understanding the ISO 37001 certification process – a thorough overview, from initial preparations to the final audit
  • identifying common challenges – explore challenges organisations face in ISO 37001 certification and learn proactive solutions to these challenges
  • developing a robust documentation system – practical insights into aligning policies, procedures and controls with ISO 37001
  • effective internal audits – learn to assess readiness and identify improvements in your anti-bribery management system
  • building a culture of compliance – strategies to foster a compliance culture, ensuring alignment with ISO 37001 requirements.

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    Scott Lane CEO @ Speeki Inc


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