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ISO 37008 explained: Everything you need to know about internal investigations

About this event

ISO 37008, the recently introduced guidance, provides a comprehensive benchmark for internal investigations within organisations. The guidance outlines principles and support structures, as well as establishes methods and procedures for an end-to-end investigation process. Regardless of an organisation's type, size, location, structure or purpose, ISO 37008 is applicable, making it a universally adaptable tool.

Join us for our 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s CEO and Founder Scott Lane will talk in detail about the ISO 37008 guidance, covering such topics as:

  • ISO 37008 overview – learn more about ISO 37008 and how it provides essential guidance for internal investigations within organisations
  • compatibility with ISO standards – discover how ISO 37008, a crucial component of a compliance management system, synergises with ISO 37301, ISO 37001 and ISO 37002
  • risk detection and mitigation – find out how ISO 37008 helps identify compliance risks and their root causes
  • successful implementation – get guidance on how to implement internal investigations, helping with the implementation of ISO standards and improving your business performance
  • neglecting investigations – learn more about the consequences of neglecting investigations.

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    Scott Lane CEO @ Speeki Inc


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