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Speeki Engage: a methodology to launch, implement and maintain comprehensive ESG across your business

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ESG is complex and appears to be never-ending, making it hard to manage across a company. For the untrained working in the ESG area without the guidance of a system, focus or methodology, the task will likely lead to failed projects, wasted time and frustrated business partners. Speeki has developed a methodology for managing ESG that helps to address these issues and leverages known and well-developed industry standards for building and implementing ESG.

Join us in our 30-minute webinar, where Speeki CEO Scott Lane will demonstrate how you can work with us to make your ESG investment a competitive advantage through our Speeki Engage methodology.

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    Scott Lane CEO @ Speeki Inc


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Speeki is the ESG firm that helps companies effectively build and manage their ESG programmes to generate value for themselves, their stakeholders and the planet. As a trusted partner, Speeki offers a framework to build ESG strategies with comprehensive consulting, technology and assurance solutions