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Build an efficient Finance Ops Team for Your SaaS Business

About this event

Agile workforce, remote teams, the subscription revenue model - all of these collectively have changed the way internal finance teams function.

Legacy systems don’t really cut it for emerging SaaS companies any more. This puts pressure on finance operations team to cobble together homegrown systems and processes for everything from invoicing to expense management.

What you’re left with is a system full of errors, and an operations team that spends its days fighting fires.

If this sounds familiar, or you fear it could soon become reality, this webinar is here to help. We will discuss:

  • The fundamentals of a Finance Ops team for SaaS businesses 
  • How to think about automation to increase process efficiency
  • FinOps Playbooks and stack for SaaS  

Plus, we'll save time for a Q&A at the end. Join us to set up your finance operations for success!

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  • Guest speaker
    SM G
    Shri Mithran Demand Marketing @ Chargee

  • Team member
    PW T
    Patrick Whatman

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    Spendesk Team The 7-in-1 spending solution for faster, smarter spending decisions. @ Spendesk

    Spendesk is the complete spend management platform that gives 100% visibility into company spend. Already simplifying the lives of thousands of businesses, Spendesk is designed to save time and money across the entire spending process.

  • Guest speaker
    KS G
    Karthik Srinivas Director of Finance @ Chargebee


Help businesses spend smarter.

Spendesk is the smart way to manage your business spending. Flexible payments, approvals, expenses, invoices and accounting — all together for the first time.

Our software is designed for both finance teams and employees.