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CFO Playbook: Smooth Subscription Management

About this event

The average growing business has 25 software subscriptions running at any one time. And managing these creates particular challenges for finance teams. 

How can you easily track payments, collect invoices, and make sure that every transaction is validated? Most companies rely on slow invoice processes, or put everything on the company card and hope for the best. Either way, it’s a mess.

In this 30-minute masterclass, Spendesk expert Josh Lowe shows you how the best companies manage subscriptions with automation and smart software. You’ll learn:

  • How to track team budgets without manually updating spreadsheets
  • Why virtual cards are your best payment option, and how to create them instantly
  • How to put team leaders in the driver’s seat, saving finance countless hours

You’ll also get an inside look around Spendesk’s subscription tools, and we’ll have plenty of time for questions.

It’ll be hands-on, fast-paced, and you’ll leave with practical steps to follow in your own business.

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    Josh Lowe Spendesk

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    Spendesk Team The 7-in-1 spending solution for faster, smarter spending decisions. @ Spendesk

    Spendesk is the complete spend management platform that gives 100% visibility into company spend. Already simplifying the lives of thousands of businesses, Spendesk is designed to save time and money across the entire spending process.


Help businesses spend smarter.

Spendesk is the smart way to manage your business spending. Flexible payments, approvals, expenses, invoices and accounting — all together for the first time.

Our software is designed for both finance teams and employees.