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Corporate Treasury in Financial Crises

About this webinar

The recent pandemic has more than ever highlighted the role of corporate treasurers. By managing volatility and mitigating risk, they are the guardians of companies' financial health.

To understand the dynamics and challenges that corporate treasury represent, join us on Thursday January 28 at 6pm. You'll hear from Grégory Schmidt and François Masquelier, both finance and treasury experts, as they share their best practices and experience on:

  • Managing liquidity and currency
  • Top financial priorities during uncertain times
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Ways to become more financially resilient
  • Modernisation of the finance function

Our speakers:

  • Grégory Schmidt is the founder and managing partner at Hands-on-Management, a consulting firm providing finance & HR services. With more than 18 years of experience, he provides with his consultants’ team tailored advice & interim management solutions to the organizations.
  • François Masquelier is the expert in treasury. Before creating Simply Treasury, he was Senior VP Treasury, Corporate Finance and ERM for more than 20 years at RTL Group. He's also very active in different treasurers' associations and is the Chairman of Luxembourg Corporate Treasury Association ATEL as well as the Vice-Chairman of EACT.

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    François Masquelier CEO @ Simply Treasury

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    Grégory Schmidt Founder @ Hands-on-Management

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