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Democratizing Equity in European Startups

About this webinar

It's no secret that European startups are late to the equity game, compared to their US counterparts. But the tide is changing, with movements like the Not Optional Initiative, signed by 700+ CEOs, founders, investors and employees of European startups, pushing for a new standard of employee ownership.

Why is this topic so important for startups leaders? Join us for a panel discussion with European founders, CEOs, and VCs to discuss:

  • Using equity to attract & retain the best talent
  • Setting up compensation programs that can scale with you
  • Lessons learned & pitfalls to avoid
  • How the current crisis has changed the equity landscape & culture in Europe
  • Plus live answers to your questions!


  • Yoko Spirig, co-founder and CEO of Ledgy, top equity management software in Europe. From employee participation plans to investor relations and cap table management, Ledgy helps startups automate and keep track of everything equity-related.
  • Frank Freund, co-founder and CFO of Raisin, first and only pan-European deposit marketplace. Raisin is among the very few companies in Germany giving out real stock options and publicly supporting policy-changes initiatives such as Not Optional.
  • Dominic Jacquesson, VP of Talent at Index Ventures, leading venture capital firm at the origin of the Not Optional Initiative. Dominic is also the author of "Rewarding Talent," a guide to stock options for European entrepreneurs.

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  • Guest speaker
    Frank Freund Co-founder & CFO @ Raisin

  • Guest speaker
    Dominic Jacquesson VP Talent @ Index Ventures

  • Guest speaker
    Yoko Spirig Co-founder & CEO @ Ledgy

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