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Fireside chat with Greg Carter, CFO at Capdesk

About this event

Facing the “Great Resignation” and the startup war for talent, it’s vital for companies to attract and retain top-level employees. Business leaders are recognizing that employee ownership keeps staff invested and engaged in their companies’ success.

Join us as we sit down with Greg Carter, CFO of Capdesk, Europe’s #1 equity management platform. Greg will share how his company uses startup equity as a differentiator in today’s climate, and discuss getting your scheme right to attract talent and increase employee ownership.

We’ll also ask Greg what trends he sees shaping the future of employee engagement.

We’ll discuss how to:

  • Encourage employees to “think like an owner”
  • Distribute equity fairly and pragmatically
  • Overcome challenges facing CFOs today
  • Choose the right tools & processes

Plus, we'll have an audience Q&A, so bring your questions for Greg!

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  • Guest speaker
    Greg Carter CFO @ Capdesk

    Greg is the Chief Financial Officer at Capdesk. Capdesk is Europe’s #1 equity management platform. Prior to this role, Greg worked with Arts Alliance Ventures, and was a Founder and CEO of Growth Ventures.

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    CFO Connect Team CFO Connect

    CFO Connect is a space, offline and online, for financial leaders to meet and learn from each other. We host regular meetups in Europe & the U.S., produce helpful content, and build a network of high-performing CFOs.


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