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How to Build your Capital Stack as a Modern-Day CFO

About this event

Businesses across verticals have a wide range of financing options, from equity financing to venture debt, bank loans, and more. With all those options, how do you craft a capital stack that truly works for you?

In this workshop, Lukas Wagner (CFO of Pipe) and Farhan Lalji (Managing Director at Anthemis) will share lessons learned from leading finance at two unicorn companies and raising capital from seed to growth stage.

They’ll explore the rise of alternative financing and how it can be used alongside things like venture capital to help businesses accelerate growth.

They’ll also discuss how the right capital stack can help operators optimize their time, so they can go back to focusing on what’s important, scaling their business, rather than spending all their time fundraising.

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  • Guest speaker
    Farhan Lalji Managing Director @ Anthemis Group

    Farhan is a Managing Director at Anthemis, a Visiting Professor at London Business School where he lectures on managing digital organizations and the Technology and Product Expert in Residence at King’s College London . At Anthemis, Farhan leads the Anthemis investments into funds. Previously, Farhan was responsible for the BBVA & Anthemis Venture Creation Partnership where he was investing in pre-seed companies evolving the digital finance and banking experience for consumers and companies.

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    CFO Connect Team CFO Connect

    CFO Connect is a space, offline and online, for financial leaders to meet and learn from each other. We host regular meetups in Europe & the U.S., produce helpful content, and build a network of high-performing CFOs.

  • Guest speaker
    Lukas Wagner CFO @ Pipe

    The first business hire at Pipe, as CFO Lukas Wagner oversees finance and risk operations, including asset ratings, unit economics and financial planning. Prior to Pipe, Lukas was the Director of Finance at Fair, the car subscription app, where he was a member of the fundraising team and helped raise over $500 million dollars. Lukas is a driven finance professional, with a passion for turning great ideas into reality and making financial services easy and fair for everyone.


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