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SaaS Finance Amidst Covid-19 with Gainsight VP of Finance, Alka Tandan

About this webinar

For finance leaders, the covid-19 crisis has been an exercise in agility: re-forecasting targets, re-allocating budgets, and responding daily to new challenges & potential opportunities. For SaaS companies in particular, metrics like retention and churn are top of mind.

Join the CFO Connect community on Wednesday April 29th at 12pm PST for a Q&A webinar with Gainsight's VP of Finance, Alka Tandan. Gainsight is a customer success software that empowers companies to increase revenue, decrease customer churn, and drive advocacy — so they understand SaaS metrics from both sides of the table. We'll discuss some ways the Gainsight finance team is approaching key decisions amidst covid-19, including:

  • Re-allocating budgets & resources
  • Extending cash & runway
  • Tracking & forecasting key SaaS metrics
  • Predicting & preventing churn
  • Communicating with investors & board members
  • Utilizing government relief programs

About our speaker:

Alka Tandan is the VP of Finance at Gainsight. She has 20 years of corporate finance, operations and M&A experience in the technology industry.

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