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Venture Debt 101: is it right for your business?

About this webinar

Venture Capital might be the most popular fundraising option in the startup world, but it's certainly not the only one. Amongst the many financing channels available for startups, venture debt has gained popularity over the years to the point some even wonder, is venture debt the new venture capital?

If you're curious to learn more about this financing instrument, join us on October 29th at 6pm CET for an interactive workshop with Altio on an introduction to venture debt & best practices.

You'll learn about:

  • What is venture debt, and when does it make sense to raise a round?
  • Why is venture debt a particularly good option for SaaS businesses?
  • What does the process for raising venture debt look like? (timeline, eligibility, due-diligence...)
  • How do you navigate the post-execution process?

Our experts will also answer your questions during a live Q&A!

About our speakers:

Fabricio Mercier is the CEO and founder of Altio. After fifteen years in investment banking at Rothschild and UBS (M&A, IPO, structured credit), he took on the role of CFO for SaaS companies in Brazil. During that time, he observed the inefficiencies of the fundraising landscape for technology companies and decided to launch Altio in order to provide the tech community with a flexible and tailored source of funding.

Guillaume Cadour is an analyst at Altio. He has a strong international background having lived in Canada, the US, Brazil and now the UK. Following his experience in the Digital Transformation Office of the Societe Generale Group, he decided to pursue his career in the technology and entrepreneurial sectors.

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    Fabricio Mercier Founder @ Altio

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