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ATHLETES IN BUSINESS: 30SEP [15:00 BST] Maximising athlete celebrity

About this event

The rise of digital platforms and social media has provided sports stars with greater exposure to build their personal brands, but a growing number of athlete entrepreneurs have turned to equity investments in order to sustain themselves outside of their playing careers.

  • How can athletes leverage their individual profiles and intellectual property to achieve success in business?
  • What sectors are athletes investing in and why?
  • What unique expertise and values can athletes bring to the business environment?

Chris Cabott, President & COO, Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Matt Gentry, Managing Director, 77 Sports Management 

Moderator: Eoin Connolly, Editor At Large, SportsPro

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  • Guest speaker
    Matt Gentry

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    Eoin Connolly

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Cabott President & COO @ Steinberg Sports & Entertainment


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