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DIGITAL STRATEGY: 13MAY [13:00 BST] Black and yellow

About this event

The transition into the digital age has not been fully adopted by the world of sports. The industry is struggling to acclimatise to the new seamless and instant standards of operating, as well as a lack of integration with digital technology, leaving plenty of room for those in sports to evolve their business models. 

What is successfully being done to place fan experience at the heart of digital transformation? 

How is automation and other technology being adopted into business operations to increase productivity? 

Black and yellow: BVB's virtual fan party unites community

Benjamin Wahl, Head of China, Borussia Dortmund

Justin Tan, Managing Director, Mailman

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  • Guest speaker
    Benjamin Wahl

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    Eoin Connolly

  • Guest speaker
    Justin Tan


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