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Baseball’s Tech-Driven Future of Performance

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Wednesday, January 6 | 12:30 PM ET

This roundtable of experts will discuss the latest technologies being used to efficiently evaluate and train amateur and professional baseball players, including analysis of pitcher biomechanics with a smartphone camera, tech-enabled resistance bands, and pitcher-centric athlete management systems.

Webinar Speakers

Dr. Mike Sonne is the VP of Research and Innovation for ProPlayAI, a company focused on measuring and describing human motion. Mike is also the research director for the Baseball Development Group in Toronto, Canada, as well as an adjunct professor at Brock University. At Brock, Mike and his graduate students focus their research on better understanding the measurement and analysis of pitching mechanics. Mike has also written about pitching biomechanics for The Athletic, Hardball Times, FanGraphs, and Baseball Prospectus. Mike’s workload metric, Fatigue Units, is widely used in the MLB as a better physiological representation of pitching workload, and the metric was recently included in the Motus Baseball app.

Cullen McGowan is Managing Director at Prep Baseball Report, where he helps oversee all business units while shepherding upcoming initiatives. McGowan has a deep background in the business of baseball and is well-connected within the professional ranks. McGowan spent four years managing the MLB and amateur baseball business at TrackMan. At TrackMan, he was at the front line of the game becoming more data driven. As the primary contact for all 30 MLB teams, he understands how data is used and impacting decision making from the draft to player development.

Casey Mulholland is the founder and lead developer of KineticPro Performance in Tampa FL. Casey’s playing background has lead him around some of the top organizations and universities in the game. Those include The Los Angeles Dodgers, The University of South Florida, The University of Mississippi and IMG Academy. Through KineticPro Casey’s work has been progressive building advanced platforms in workload management and utilizing some of the games top technology. Training some of the top arms in the game Casey’s skill set and experience offer a unique combination to athletes around the world.

Nate Pearson was a 2017 first round pick for the Toronto Blue Jays, and since that time he has continued to rise up baseball's top prospect lists. Nate made his Big League debut this past season. Nate comes to professional baseball via Central College of Florida, a Junior College which prioritized his player development. Nate actively looks to get the best out of every training and game day, using whatever technology is available to aid his development. Nate joins ProPlayAI as a founding member, where he is helping develop insightful protocols and metrics to guide simplistic adoption for every pitcher that has a dream of making it to the games highest level.

Dean Jackson is a Pitching Coordinator at Driveline Baseball, focusing mainly on managing the Online Pitching program and training trainers. Dean has played significant roles in the development of multiple courses at Driveline (Pitching Mechanics Explained, Pitch Design Certification). Dean's professional playing career has been put on pause for the last few years with substantial elbow injuries, which has led him to be a driving force in pushing forward the research, education, and implementation of throwing programs and strategies that improve both durability and throwing velocity. Dean firmly believes that athletes and coaches need access to high quality and accurate information to make the best decisions possible, and spends the vast majority of his time developing resources for them to do just that.

Moderated by: Joe Lemire, Senior Writer, SportTechie

Registration is free. All registrants will receive a link to watch the recording once the session concludes.


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    Casey Mulholland Founder & Lead Developer @ KineticPro Performance

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    Joe Lemire Senior writer @ SportTechie

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    Cullen McGowan Managing Director @ Prep Baseball Report

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    Dean Jackson Pitching Coordinator @ Driveline Baseball

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    Mike Sonne VP, Research and Innovation @ ProPlayAI

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    Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Player & Founding Member @ PROPlay AI


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