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Human Performance - Mind Games: The Link Between Brain Endurance and Physical Performance

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Wednesday, August 26 | 12:30 PM ET

How does cognitive exertion hinder physical performance? If two athletes have equal physical traits, will the one with more mental fatigue lose? Why is it that some athletes appear to be clutch while others choke under pressure? We’ll examine these questions and more with our panel of experts.


Dafna Aaronson  is the founder of Be Sports Minded LLC. Her interdisciplinary approach offers debiased qualitative actionable insights understanding the whole person, specifically how personality traits and context influence motivation and behavior. Ms. Aaronson is developing a proprietary ML platform delivering an athlete’s Capability Quotient(TM) and creating team cohesion, culture, and competitive advantage. She is currently a sport psychology consultant for the L.A. Kings, her prior work includes NY Mets mental skills coach and Global People Analytics Relationship Manager for Deutsche Bank, A.G. 

Tom George, Ph.D., is an assistant clinical professor in the School of Kinesiology where he teaches in both the Sport Management and Applied Exercise Science programs.  Dr. George’s research interests focus on the psychology of sport and exercise, and he studies the effects of psychological factors on sport performance, as well as the impact of coaching education on youth sport participants. Dr. George is especially interested in the reciprocal relationship between self-efficacy and physical activity. Dr. George has served as a sport psychology consultant to a variety of UM athletes and teams, as well as to athletes and organizations in southeast Michigan. He also serves as the Director of Global Engagement and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs in the School of Kinesiology.  

Grant Hayes is the Founder of Soma. Soma is a switch, neuro-performance solution and mental performance tech solutions company. Soma works to develop portable and convenient technology that can deliver mental fatigue training to high performing individuals in the sports, military and other high performance industries. 

Registration is free. All registrants will receive a link to watch the recording once the session concludes.


Human Performance: Next Level Body and Mind

Bigger. Stronger. Faster. More resilient. Athletes are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, mesmerizing us not just with their exploits but also their longevity. Human sweat will always rewrite the record books, but technology is now collecting troves of data that can give athletes the best chance of success while allowing us to reverse-engineer how the elite keep evolving. From every conceivable angle, we’ll explore what’s new and next (and futuristic) when it comes to human performance on the fields of play and in everyday life. Sessions are free to attend.

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    Dafna Aaronson Founder @ Be Sports Minded LLC

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    Tom George Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice, Applied Exercise Science and Sport Management @ University of Michigan

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    Jen Booton Senior Writer @ SportTechie

    Sports technology reporter

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    Grant Hayes Founder @ Soma


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