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The Future of Fandom: Fans Are Back With Higher Expectations, powered by Samsung

About this event

Wednesday, September 1 | 12:30 PM ET

The Future of Fandom

Episode Two: Fans Are Back With Higher Expectations

The summer of 2021 has shown that fans can safely return to stadiums and arenas to cheer on their teams. We’ll discuss how franchises can create a fan experience that meets and exceeds fan expectations, how to successfully capture their pent-up energy, and how to leverage technology to create new revenue streams.

Questions we’ll answer:

  • How do teams capture fans' pent-up demand or energy?
  • Now that they’re back, how have fan expectations changed?
  • What technologies are you leveraging to create new revenue streams?
  • How do teams reinvent the fan experience?
  • How do teams create new experiences instead of falling back on the old way of doing things?

Featured speakers

Christian Lau is the Chief Technology Officer at Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and Banc of California Stadium, Christian Lau’s focus is on defining the technical vision of the organization. His primary area of interest is the use of technology to enhance the guest experience, eliminate friction, and provide additive experiences for customers. From the beginning of his tenure, he has embraced the idea that his organization will try anything once. He has turned Banc of California Stadium into a test facility for partners, prospective partners, and technology companies to collaborate on the development of conceptual ideas that have proven to be a guiding force for next generation guest experiences in arenas, stadiums and large venues worldwide.

Brett Unzicker s Vice President of Sales for Samsung Electronics America’s B2B Display Division. Brett currently leads a sales group with responsibilities for Live Events, Entertainment, and Spectaculars vertical markets. In addition, Brett has a product responsibility for Samsung’s Prismview line of LED displays. From major sports entertainment venues to Times Square, his team’s work is enjoyed by millions daily.

Josh Kritzler | Co-Founder, 4Front

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  • Guest speaker
    Brett Unzicker Vice President, Sales @ Samsung Electronics America's B2B Display Division

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    Dan Kaufman Managing Director @ SportTechie

  • Guest speaker
    Josh Kritzler Partner & Co-Founder @ 4Front

  • Guest speaker
    Christian Lau Chief Technology Officer @ Los Angeles Football Club

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