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3 Experts, 3 Takes: Evaluating Cybersecurity Readiness

About this event

As companies start to grow; the table stakes for cybersecurity readiness tends to vary. With security teams growing in size and complexity, its important for leaders to prioritize cybersecurity readiness and strategize accordingly.

In this virtual event, security leaders from 3 different companies will share how they evaluate readiness within their orgs. They will share tactics for prioritization, discuss GRC, what it takes to develop an incident response plan and how to create a culture of data security policy.

3 speakers will be joining us to discuss how cybersecurity readiness is evaluated in multiple stages of growth- from Startup, to Mid Cap, to Enterprise organizations. 

Aron Lange, Norman Kromberg and Dan Lohrmann will be sharing their take on:-

  • What essential security measures are necessary versus optional as companies initiate, expand, and mature their operations?
  • How do companies distribute their security budget among personnel, procedural enhancements, and technological investments (including tools and team organization)?
  • In assessing security from a third party POV, how do organizations differentiate between fundamental requirements and supplementary considerations? What criteria guide their selection of vendors and partners?

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  • Guest speaker
    Dan Lohrmann Field Chief information Security Officer (CISO) for Public Sector @ Presidio

    Dan Lohrmann is an internationally recognized cybersecurity leader, technologist, keynote speaker, award-winning blogger and bestselling author.

  • Guest speaker
    Aron Lange Founder @ The GRC Lab

    30k followers on Linkedin. GRC Thought Leader. Teaching and mentoring is his passion.

  • Guest speaker
    Norman Kromberg CISO @ NetSPI

    Information Security Leader. With over 25 years of professional experience in GRC.

  • Guest speaker
    Girish Redekar Co-Founder @ Sprinto

    Top Infosec Voice, 2x Founder.


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