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Compliance Q&A: Fastrack your audit journey with expert advice

About this event

Your audit journey doesn’t have to be hard (we’ll do the heavy lifting)

Join fellow security leaders in an AMA where you are the star. Every month, we answer top questions submitted by peers on their audit journey, including yours (LIVE)

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  • Learn how to showcase the ROI and value of compliance
  • Save man hours and money on your next audit.
  • Get (and stay) compliant in weeks, not months
  • Launch auditor-grade compliance programs

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  • Team member
    Frejin Arooja Growth & Events @ Sprinto

    Marketing Executive at Sprinto. At Sprinto, we automate busy work, monitor controls in real time, and track progress in a single place.

  • Guest speaker
    Varenya Penna Infosec Strategist @ Sprinto

    As an ISO 27001-certified Lead Auditor and Account Executive at Sprinto, Varenya has helped various startups and mid-market companies become compliant through consultative solutioning, goal and pain point mapping, stack recommendations, and in-depth guidance.


Sprinto is a continuous security and compliance platform that helps companies maintain compliance with various frameworks and regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. They offer tools to monitor and manage certification and surve...