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About this event

We'll demo how easy it is to record stats on the app and view stats throughout the season.

If you're tired of counting tally marks in a paper scorebook, using expensive video software, or having stats missed, you won't want to miss this presentation. We'll cover the power of using the app and answer any questions you have regarding stat keeping.

Who's it for?

Any level coach that is looking for an easy way to capture, review, and manage player and teams stats. Have a team manager or parent that keeps stats? Please share this link with them - this demo will be valuable to them too!

Here is what a couple of coaches had to say!

"I love the simplicity of it all. It’s so easy to keep stats by clicking on the player and the category. I haven’t used the feature yet, but I think it’ll be great to not have to calculate percentages, as well. "

"The parents that did the stats did end up liking it more than the paper copy, and enjoyed how easy it is."

About the product

Stat keepers can use the app to record game stats. The SquadProfile app automatically compiles stats throughout a game and season, making it extremely easy to reference a player's stats during a game, season, or program history.

After the game, share stats anywhere!

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    DD T
    Dave Demuth Founder @ SquadProfile

    Head Coach, Carlsbad Varsity Lacrosse


Accessible Player and Team Stats

SquadProfile provides lacrosse programs with an easier, faster way to keep stats on the sideline and allows coaches to have instant access to live analytics and team records.