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Introduction to Bioharvest Sciences: BHSC

About this event

BioHarvest Sciences is a biotech growth story that is just getting started. CEO Ilan Sobel has the company on track for a Q2 2021 US ecommerce launch for its flagship product, Vinia. Investors are starting to notice, as C:BHSC stock set new highs in December, and 2021 is going to be a milestone year.

Join this FREE Investor webinar hosted by Bioharvest Sciences – the inventors of BioFarming. If you can attend live, there will be a Q&A with CEO Ilan Sobel following his presentation. Can't attend live? Register, and we will send you a link to the webinar that you can watch at any time.

The company sits at the nexus of plant based nutrition and sustainable technology, and continues to develop a product pipeline (including Cannabis) while it begins US marketing and distribution of Vinia in Q2 2021.

Ilan will explain how this team can grow plant cells without growing the entire plant, and how that creates high quality, lower cost, fingerprint consistency products in their natural state with maximum health benefits.

Join us January 14 - Join the Revolution!

About BioHarvest Sciences: Bioharvest Sciences is the plant cell growth company, which means we can grow specific types of plant cells without having to grow the entire plant. Those plant cells have the active ingredients that are identical to those that were originally sourced from the parent plant, and BioHarvest Sciences can produce them at industrial scale, with fingerprint consistency, and with zero contaminants or pesticides, and zero genetic modifications.

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