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The Future of Serverless is … Functionless? with iRobot's Richard Boyd & Stackery CTO, Chase Douglas

About this webinar

Developers often use Lambda Functions as the ‘glue’ that binds their REST APIs to the rest of the AWS Services they use in their applications. What if we could build an API that didn’t need this middleware to perform simple translations between services? Join Richard Boyd of iRobot and Chase Douglas of Stackery for a live demo and discussion of the benefits of this approach.

See this blog post for a preview of this session: The Future of Serverless is… Functionless?

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  • Guest speaker
    RB G
    Richard Boyd Cloud Data Engineer @ iRobot

    Richard is a cloud data engineer with the iRobot Corporation’s Cloud Data Platform where he builds tools and services to support the world’s most beloved vacuum cleaner. Before joining iRobot, Richard built discrete event simulators for Amazon’s automated fulfillment centers in Amazon Robotics, ...

  • Guest speaker
    Chase Douglas CTO @ Stackery.io

    Chase Douglas is the co-founder and CTO of Stackery.io, which provides DevOps tools for serverless velocity. His experience spans the gamut of technical and managerial, specifically focused on how teams of developers build products collaboratively. In prior roles he has been a VP of engineering a...

  • Team member
    Abner Germanow CMO and Customer Advocate @ Stackery


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