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Building Serverless Apps With GraphQL and AWS's Nader Dabit

About this webinar

"The problem facing many developers new to building GraphQL API’s is the volume of new terms and fine-grained configuration involved in building a production grade solution. Several tools have emerged to make the overall developer-experience straight-forward and repeatable across multiple different environments.

Nader Dabit & Nuatu Tseggai will help us understand the fundamentals of serverless applications that include AppSync, a fully managed serverless GraphQL service from AWS featuring real-time data queries, mutations, subscriptions, synchronization, communications and offline programming capabilities. They will dive into how to build, deploy, update, and delete serverless resources within environments running across various AWS accounts."

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Abner Germanow CMO and Customer Advocate @ Stackery

  • Guest speaker
    ND G
    Nader Dabit Developer Advocate at AWS Mobile @ Amazon Web Services

    Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS Mobile working with projects like AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify. He is also the author of React Native in Action, & the editor of React Native Training & OpenGraphQL

  • Guest speaker
    Nuatu Tseggai Director of Solutions Architecture @ Stackery.io

    Nuatu heads Stackery's Solutions Architecture team. He has spent nearly 2 decades wrangling technology in a variety of roles and teams - Solutions Architecture, Site Reliability Engineering, Infrastructure, Traffic Shaping, Web Ops, High-throughput Switching/Networking, Systems Engineering, Data ...


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