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VS Code + AWS Serverless Workflow

About this event

Building serverless applications results a short "time to thank you" and iteration path for teams today. However, getting that velocity with durable production-class pipelines requires a few changes in the workflow and mentality of building, deploying, managing, and iterating applications versus what development teams have done in the past.

No longer can you replicate an infrastructure environment on localhost - AWS won't fit! Your dev/test/prod environments of managed cloud services configurations and architectures have to be deployed cloudside. That leaves you either wait through a deploy for every little function code change OR you develop locally against those live cloud resources with 5 to 10 second cycle times.

This session will be a demonstration of how to build, deploy, and manage serverless applications. We'll show you how to develop and iterate an application architecture composed of AWS resources AND your function code all in VS Code.


Q. What will I learn in 30 minutes?

A. You will learn how infrastructure services are defined, deployed, and then paired the business logic in your application's functions. We'll show you how to make those steps easy and safe before moving on to packaging and deploying your apps, and finishing with managing dev, test, and production environments. Afterward, you can move on to tutorials and building your own apps or adding and accelerating existing projects.

Q. If I want to understand more about how serverless workflows are different from traditional workflows what should I read?

A. How about this? Five Ways Serverless Changes DevOps

Q: Wait, is Stackery a proprietary platform or abstraction between my code and AWS?

A: No way. That would be terrible. Stackery helps you effectively work with and understand standard and open source infrastructure as code configurations regardless of your AWS skill level. Everything that we help you build and deploy lives in your code repository and AWS account. If you want to go back to hand rolled template and environment management, nothing in the code prevents you from doing that.

Q: This time doesn't work for us, can we schedule a time for our team?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What if I want to get my cloudside development environment setup ahead of time so I can ask really hard questions?

A. Try our free developer tier. And check out our serverless tools VS Code plug-in

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    Sam Goldstein VP Product & Engineering @ Stackery

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    Nuatu Tseggai Director of Solutions Architecture @ Stackery.io

    Nuatu heads Stackery's Solutions Architecture team. He has spent nearly 2 decades wrangling technology in a variety of roles and teams - Solutions Architecture, Site Reliability Engineering, Infrastructure, Traffic Shaping, Web Ops, High-throughput Switching/Networking, Systems Engineering, Data ...

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    Abner Germanow CMO and Customer Advocate @ Stackery


Write Functions, Not YAML

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