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Building Dynamic Governance that Provides Intelligent Guardrails for Cloud

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Building Dynamic Governance that Provides Intelligent Guardrails for Cloud

As organizations expand operations in cloud environments, complexity, cost, and risk also grow. These challenges only get compounded as development and operations teams employ an increasingly diverse range of cloud services, configuration options, and technologies.

Given these realities, many organizations are exposed to potential security breaches and budget overruns, or they restrict cloud service options and adoption and hinder developer velocity in the process. To counter these issues, your teams need to employ a new approach to cloud governance, one that is adaptable, dynamic, and closely aligned with the “as code” implementations your DevOps teams are using.

Attend our upcoming webinar and find out how you can establish a cloud governance approach that provides intelligent guardrails, so your DevSecOps and FinOps teams can excel in the cloud. This session will feature David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte, who will share expert insights into emerging cloud governance requirements and winning strategies. This webinar reveals:

  • The challenges of governing your cloud at scale.
  • Evolving thinking around developer-centric cloud governance approaches.
  • Emerging strategies that can help you provide guardrails for efficiency, security, and optimization.
  • Real-life use cases and examples.

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  • Guest speaker
    David Linthicum Chief Cloud Strategy Officer @ Deloitte


Cloud governance as code for the enterprise