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FinOps In Practice: Continuous Cloud Cost Optimization With Cloud Custodian and Stacklet

About this event

As organizations continue to invest more considerable sums in their cloud implementations, the need to establish strong FinOps capabilities will only grow more critical. However, as these cloud deployments continue to grow more complex, it can get increasingly difficult to realize the promise of FinOps. Employing governance as code to establish continuous cost optimization and management is emerging as a critical approach. 

Join us in this session to learn how you can leverage Cloud Custodian, a popular open source software, to implement continuous cost optimization via governance as code. We will also cover how Stacklet Platform extends Cloud Custodian with cost insights, out-of-the-box policy packs, and intelligent communication to help businesses innovate efficiently in the cloud. 

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  • Guest speaker
    Jamison Roberts

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    Umair Khan Stacklet


Cloud governance as code for the enterprise