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Cloud Governance as Code: Benefits and Best Practices

About this event

Governance as code is emerging as a critical requirement for organizations scaling operations in the cloud. It champions automated management of the complex cloud ecosystem via a human-readable, declarative, high-level language. FinOps, security, and infrastructure engineering teams can adopt governance as code to enforce policies in an agile, collaborative and efficient manner while reducing developer friction.

Join a panel of practitioners and your peers to learn about the benefits and best practices for implementing Cloud Governance as Code. In this discussion, we will cover

  • Why organizations are adopting governance as code
  • How does governance as code solve pain points of security, infrastructure, and FinOps teams
  • What are some of the best practices for creating, deploying, and enforcing security and cost optimization policies at scale
  • How to make sure cloud is running securely and efficiently while not hindering deployment velocity

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  • Guest speaker
    Lindbergh Matillano Director Cost Optimization @ Avalara

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    Mrunal Shah Head of Cloud Security @ HBO Max

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    Kapil Thangavelu CTO @ Stacklet


Cloud governance as code for the enterprise