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Humans in the loop: How to overcome the limitations of LLMs for the enterprise

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Large language models took a quantum leap during the past year, and businesses are exploring how to safely incorporate AI-powered tools into the enterprise. These tools accelerate workflows and enhance decision-making, but they can also hallucinate false information or inappropriately share confidential data.

Starmind addresses these challenges by leveraging AI’s capabilities to organize verified, up-to-date and highly rated information with the power of human experts who can validate responses and provide additional support.

Join our webinar Nov. 16 for a look under the hood on how Starmind uses secure, enterprise-grade AI to unlock undocumented knowledge inside your organization. Jan Cristina, head of AI and Daniel Hermann, senior customer success manager at Starmind, will share how:

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is used to provide expert-verified genAI for the enterprise.
  • Semantic data is leveraged to identify the right people for your problem even when the phrasing is ambiguous.
  • A multistage transformer-based pipeline analyzes the content to enable a fast search experience.

This session will be particularly valuable for AI officers, technical engineers and developers who are responsible for implementing AI solutions.

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  • Guest speaker
    Daniel Hermann Senior Customer Success Manager @ Starmind

    With over 9 years of experience working with Starmind and AI, I have played a pivotal role in establishing Starmind's presence in the German market and the go-to point of contact for global industry leaders such as Daimler, Bayer, Munich RE, Fresenius, and more. Responsibilities include driving end-user adoption, cultivating deep customer relationships to foster organic growth, and providing training to both customers and new colleagues at Starmind. I work closely with cross-functional teams, particularly in Sales, Marketing, IT, and Product, serving as a valuable intermediary to ensure the company's success.

  • Guest speaker
    Jan Cristina Head of AI @ Starmind

    Jan Cristina is the Head of AI at Starmind, focusing on unlocking expertise within large organizations through machine learning. He's dedicated to enhancing the expertise directory, holding a PhD in mathematics from the University of Helsinki.


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