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Automate your Candidate Feedback with Lever and Starred

About this event

Lever is one of the most widely-used Applicant Tracking systems by innovative Talent Acquisition leaders. This is why, at Starred, we recently launched our native integration to allow you to easily automate candidate feedback and start getting actionable insights to improve your hiring process.

In this session, we will be walking you through the new Starred integration for Lever and how to set it up to measure each stage of your hiring process, and discuss how candidate feedback helps you:

👉🏼 Measure and improve your Candidate Experience

👉🏼 Protect and boost your employer brand

👉🏼 Coach recruiters and hiring managers

👉🏼 Share recruitment data with your organization

👉🏼 Increase offer acceptance rate

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    Mark Berendsen Co-Founder @ Starred


Starred is a candidate feedback solution that allows you to measure every step of your hiring process through customizable surveys, fully integrated with your ATS.