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Application Series: Skills Management Module

About this event

The Skill Management Module is designed to allow your organization to assess an individual's skills while on the job. The module can also serve as a valuable tool for performing gap analyses, determining current and future training needs, and assisting with promotion candidates. Join the EHS Insight team for this session as they demonstrate how to use the Skills Management Module by adding a skill assessment.

During this session we will:

  • Visit all Skill related Lista Data
  • Performing a simple fit test (seal check) when using an N95 mask (respirator)
  • Look at various options like Training Prerequisites, Assessment Tasks, and Assessment Guidelines

Hosted by

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    Rassiel Castro Customer Education Manager

  • Team member
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    Jessica Ryals StartexSoftware

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    Catherine Lyden

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    Cesar Marroquin Manager, Customer Success @ StarTex Software, LLC.

StarTex Software

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