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Improving Your Lockout Training

About this event

In a training rut?  We know it can be challenging to find ways of making safety training interesting and memorable, especially when it’s a topic like lockout/tagout. 

We’ve got ideas to help you out of that rut. Please join us for the second webinar in our three part series on lockout/tagout where we’ll discuss lockout/tagout training as well as things you can do to jazz up all of your safety training presentations.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Lockout/Tagout training requirements
  • Places to find good training content
  • Suggestions for creating a more engaging training session including simple and affordable ways to make training interactive
  • Adding a hands-on aspect to your lockout training

Who should attend: 

  • Entry level EHS professionals
  • Anyone looking for new ideas to boost their current training 

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    Catherine Lyden

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    Rassiel Castro Customer Education Manager

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