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From a fully tech founding team to a product & market-oriented team, with Antescofo Chief of Growth

About this webinar

You and your amazingly smart technical team have built the coolest technology ever? Congrats, now it is time to turn it into a product, and it’s no easy task!

From our own experience as a technology based start-up, I will share some practical feedbacks about the practices that helped transform our geeky team into a product-oriented one, leading our app to be adopted by more than 300k users worldwide.

Discussed topics will include :

Everyday organizational practices for a better integration of non-tech stakes and team members

Tips on how to make the most of data and user testing when you don’t have much time or resources

Feedbacks on designing and implementing a roadmap that articulates business goals and product development

Tips on making the product everybody’s business without driving your designer crazy

About the speaker

Audrey joined Antescofo in its early days, a few weeks prior the launch of their first mobile app, and has been Acquisition & Product Growth manager there for almost 3 years.

Coming from a business background, she’s first been tackling growth challenges through Marketing, gradually shifting towards Product and User Research, to include both approaches.

About Antescofo

Founders Program Alumni!

Driven by the passion of helping musicians enjoy practicing music, Antescofo launched in September 2017 its first mobile app, Metronaut. The App uses a unique AI technology, result of 7 years of R&D at IRCAM, the world’s largest research lab dedicated to music technology, to enable all amateur musicians, regardless of their musical instrument and level, to experience the joy of playing with an Orchestra that listens as they play and adapts to their speed in real-time.

Since its launch the app has been downloaded by more than 300k musicians worldwide and keeps growing thanks to our 4M€ seed fundraising in 2018 and the hard work of our passionate team of 12.

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    AO G
    Audrey Oulion Chief of Growth @ Antescofo

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