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How to master OKRs with Ryan Panchadsaram

About this event

Goal-setting for Innovators

Successful entrepreneurs need to do more than anyone thinks is possible with less than anyone thinks is possible.

Learn how a simple goal-setting system called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) helps leaders build great teams, navigate uncertainty, and operate with excellence.

We will talk about the benefits of OKRs, the difference with KPIs, how often you should review OKRs and much more.

Join us for this fireside chat between Roxanne Varza and Ryan Panchadsaram, Advisor to the Chairman at Kleiner Perkins and co-founder of WhatMatters.com.

About Ryan Panchadsaram

Ryan Panchadsaram is an Advisor to John Doerr, Chairman at Kleiner Perkins which invests in bold founders and disruptive technologies.

In 2018, John and Ryan launched WhatMatters.com to inspire leaders to set and achieve their most audacious goals.

Formerly, Ryan was the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States. At the White House, the team spent its days and nights ensuring America is the best place for engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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    Ryan Panchadsaram Co-founder @ WhatMatters.com

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    Roxanne Varza Director @ STATION F


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