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STATION F invites you to their webinar

SaaS sales insights from Zendesk, Tiller Systems & Naker

About this webinar

This one is for SaaS startups!

Join us with Gabriel Frasconi (France Sales Director at Zendesk), Dimitri Farber (Co-founder at Tiller Systems) and Nicolas Jacques (Co-founder at Naker) to talk about:

  • sales strategies;
  • prospecting;
  • tools;
  • sales team structure:
  • and much more!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Super Copter Co-founder & COO @ Naker

  • Guest speaker
    Dimitri Farber Co-founder @ Tiller Systems

  • Team member
    Station F Staff

  • Guest speaker
    Gabriel Frasconi France Sales Director @ Zendesk


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