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Trends and tactics from the front-lines of product-led growth

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Trends and tactics from the front-lines of product-led growth

A conversation with Notion Head of Product Madhu Muthukumar & Coatue General Partner Caryn Marooney

Product-led growth is the new brass ring for many emerging tech companies, but it's not as simple or straightforward as it may seem.

Notion Head of Growth Madhu Muthukumar has seen this firsthand, having built the mechanics of PLG at Robinhood, Oculus, and Twitter. All the while, Coatue General Partner (and lead Notion investor) Caryn Marooney has seen how PLG is taking shape and evolving fast across dozens of the hottest companies taking this approach.

Together, they'll talk about the most surprising things they've seen on this journey, share unwritten rules for succeeding as a PLG company, and offer advice for staying on the cutting edge.


Madhu Muthukumar recently joined Notion as the company's first Head of Product, bringing skills honed over ten years of building and launching products beloved by hundreds of millions of users. Previously, he served as VP of Product at Robinhood, and Director of Product Management at both Oculus and Twitter.

Caryn Marooney is General Partner at Coatue Management, where she led the firm's recent investment in Notion. Prior to venture capital, she spent over 8 years in operating roles at Facebook, where she oversaw communications for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.

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    Madhu Muthukumar Head of Product @ Notion

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    Caryn Marooney General Partner @ Coatue Management


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