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International recruitment as a solution for hard-to-fill positions

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Looking for a software developer, nurse, accountant, or truck driver but they seem nowhere to be found? Your company is not alone. Several sectors are coping with a serious shortage of skilled workers.

If we look at how the working population is evolving in Belgium, we already know that this will only worsen. The good news is, there are some solutions.

Did you know that 50.4% of workers in the world are willing to move internationally for a job?

International recruitment helps many companies increase their productivity to continue their growth.

In this webinar, we will let you discover:

  • Why international recruitment is on the rise
  • The latest trends in global talent mobility and global work preferences (following a survey in 190 countries!)
  • Practical tips and tricks on how to recruit internationally
  • How StepStone can support your international recruitment

The webinar is in English, but questions can always be asked in the chat in Dutch or French.

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    Sofie Van Haele B2B Marketing Manager @ StepStone

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    Romane Blavier B2C Marketing Officer @ StepStone

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    Kate. Kavanagh Managing Director • The Network @ StepStone


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