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Public Safety UAS Night Flight

About this webinar

Emergency drone flying during the day is one thing but at night, now that's a completely different set of skills. In this class, we are going to cover the different night flying considerations and factors you need to think about before you ever lift off from your LZ.

If you've ever been scared flying at night, this is the class for you. If you haven't been scared then you just haven't really been night flying.

This is a free educational presentation based on real-world experience and not a sales presentation for anything. There is nothing for sale and nothing to be purchased.
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Participants will be able to gain knowledge that will make them significantly smarter and safer when it comes to flying at night for a public safety agency.

The class is for both law enforcement and fire service pilots.

Multiple Downloads Available - Attendees will have access to my multiple reference documents to download during the class.

Continuing Education Credits Available - If you are a public safety agency member in North Carolina you will be able to apply for continuing education credits for this class. The link will be provided during the class.

Class Certificate - You will have the opportunity to take a short online test following the class and when you pass you'll be able to download a class certificate of achievement.

Class Replay Available for Registered Students - If you register for this class and can't attend, you will be able to watch the class replay on-demand.

If you are unable to attend this class or it is full, you can be notified about future classes if you subscribe to Steve’s private email list here.

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