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StickyDocs invites you to their webinar

Transforming Data Into Engaging, Actionable Content

About this webinar

In a time where data reigns supreme, the ability to socialize analyzed data and insights with teams  effectively has never been more important. But how do we deliver reporting that teams will find more engaging, meaningful, and actionable?

This webinar will unlock the answers to these questions including:

  • Providing insight into what your millennial workers are looking for in their data and insights reporting via findings from our 2017 Millennial Workforce Survey.
  • Instruction on how and when to use infographics, dashboards, and video to deliver data as engaging, actionable content. 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marcus Jimenez Founder, CEO @ StickyDocs


We make content matter.

StickyDocs brings data and insights to life as engaging content for teams.