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Storware invites you to their webinar

Backup & Recovery Strategies for Proxmox VE

About this webinar

Learn how to easily provide crash-consistent backup of VMs running in Proxmox environments. With vProtect you are able to set up the following backup & recovery strategies:

  • Full image and incremental
  • Proxmox containers support
  • Application backup scenarios

Additionally, with an easy management interface, you are able to quickly set up protection and store backups in several different backup providers (filesystem, object storage, Enterprise backup vendors like IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas)

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    Paweł Mączka CTO, VP @ Storware Sp. z o.o.


Storware is a data protection software company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Storware solutions can be used for data backup and recovery of virtual machines, containers and cloud environments, as well as to protect Microsoft 365 data. Try for FREE!