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Storware invites you to their webinar

Best Practices for VMware Backups

About this webinar

We understand that every IT infrastructure is unique and you should decide what is the best for your environment and custom needs. But there are still some tips and tricks that can significantly boost your data center performance and significantly reduce daily management time. 

- Leverage vStorage APIs (Full + Incremental | Changed-block tracking (CBT) backups)

- Snapshots vs. daily backup operations

- Automate VM protection with custom or predefined backup policies (VM tags & Regex).

- Avoid extra costs related to backup storage space - Use VDO – Virtual Data Optimizer to compress and deduplicate data

- Recovery plans – test backup automatically to ensure recoverability. 

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    Paweł Mączka CTO, VP @ Storware Sp. z o.o.


Storware is a data protection software company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Storware solutions can be used for data backup and recovery of virtual machines, containers and cloud environments, as well as to protect Microsoft 365 data. Try for FREE!