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How to manage daily backup & recovery operation from oVirt/RHV UI

About this webinar

In June 2020 Storware created a project on GitHub called oVirt engine UI vProtect extensions to make life easier for all our customers, who would like to simplify their day to day backup & recovery operations on oVirt based platforms.

I'm fulfilled watching how we run away to the rest of the competition providing enterprise-grade & modern data protection for virtualization market.


oVirt / Red Hat Virtualization UI integration was originally introduced with vProtect 3.9.1. For these environments, you get the possibility to add the brand new option called “VM Backup” to the user interface.

This integration allows the administrator not only to monitor tasks progress and other things related to storage space or backup performance. Besides, simply and intuitively, it allows, for example, to assign virtual machines to selected backup policies, perform backups or restore selected machines on demand.

Let's learn how easily you can monitor and manage all backup and restore processes from a single pane of glass.

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    Paweł Mączka CTO, VP @ Storware Sp. z o.o.


Storware is a data protection software company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Storware solutions can be used for data backup and recovery of virtual machines, containers and cloud environments, as well as to protect Microsoft 365 data. Try for FREE!