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XCP-ng | Turnkey OpenSource Hypervisor Backup & Recovery Strategies with Storware vProtect

About this webinar

XCP-ng virtualization platform is a Xen Project incubation project hosted in the Linux Foundation. XCP-ng aims to be the bridge between the users community and the developers and is the default entry point for any user. It can be sum up as both fully Open Source and very easy to use.


  • XCP-ng - history, current project status and plans for future
  • XCP-ng - architecture, and features
  • Presentation of the platform via the complete web UI (Xen Orchestra)
  • Things that can be achieved with this complete virtualization stack (ex. delegation, automation, SDN controller)
  • What backup strategies and types of backup destinations does vProtect for XCP-ng support


Hosted by

  • Team member
    PM T
    Paweł Mączka CTO, VP @ Storware Sp. z o.o.

  • Guest speaker
    OL G
    Olivier Lambert CEO @ Vates - Xen Orchestra/XCP-ng

    I have been working with free software projects since 2005, deploying Xen since 2008. I'm the creator of Xen Orchestra in 2009 and XCP-ng in 2018. I'm one of the founder of Vates (vates.fr), a French company specializing in Open Source.


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