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The "A" in Jamstack: Where your APIs fit.

About this event

In this free webinar, Daniel Madalitso Phiri, Developer Advocate at Strapi summaries the webinar series on API and Jamstack and gives and takes a dive into the roles APIs play in the Jamstack and how best to leverage them.

You’ll learn:

✅ Why there is an A in Jamstack

✅ APIs to take your Web Apps to new heights

✅ The role of Headless in the API ecosystem

📝 Agenda

▪️ A look at API and the Jamstack
▪️ Jamstack Architectures for various APIs
▪️ Live Q&A and closing remarks

⏳ Duration: 1 Hour

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Daniel Madalitso Phiri Developer Advocate @ Strapi

    Daniel Madalitso Phiri is a Developer Advocate at Strapi, Writer, Builder of Wacky things, DJ, Lorde superfan and Community Builder from Lusaka, Zambia.


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