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Strapi invites you to their webinar

Deploy a Next.js blog starter using Strapi on Vercel

About this webinar

During this webinar, you will learn what is JAMstack, and how Strapi and Next.js can make a great combination to build a simple static blog. You’ll learn how to quickly deploy this app in production environments on Heroku for Strapi and Vercel for Next.js

We are pleased to present the program for this webinar:

  • Introduction to JAMstack
  • Introduction to Strapi
  • Introduction to Next.js and Vercel
  • Deploy a Next.js static blog starter using Strapi on Vercel
  • AMA

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Shusaku Uesugi Product Engineer @ Vercel

    Shusaku Uesugi is a software engineer and an English-Japanese translator. Shu is passionate about teaching and education; He was also a lead engineer at EdSurge, an edtech media company. Shu joined Vercel to create a delightful and intuitive experience for beginners and pros alike.

  • Team member
    Maxime Castres Growth Hacker @ Strapi


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