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Strapi invites you to their webinar

Everything you need to know about Strapi deployment options

About this webinar

Strapi gives you several deployment options for your project or application. From traditional hosting servers on-premise to PaaS (Heroku, Platform.sh), Modern Application Delivery Network (Netlify, Zeit Now, etc) and Private or Public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP or Digital Ocean, Strapi gives you the freedom to choose the option that work best for you, your company or your applications.

In this Online Meetup, Derrick Mehaffy (DevOps expert and long time Strapi contributor) and Jim Laurie (Strapi co-founder and CTO) will first talk about the pros and cons of the different deployment options. They will then introduce a new project allowing users to bypass their local environment completely while saving time installing Strapi instances directly on their favorite cloud in a few minutes. Finally, Derrick and Jim will also share SSL, domain and DNS best practices to get started with Strapi projects after the initial deployment.

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  • Guest speaker
    Derrick Mehaffy Data Center Operations Technician @ QTS Data Centers

    Derrick is the member of the Strapi community with the most contributions. If you have a question on Strapi, he will probably be the first one to answer. To get to know him a bit more, check out this blog post https://strapi.io/blog/community-spotlight-derrick-mehaffy

  • Team member
    Victor Coisne Marketing and Community @ Strapi

  • Team member
    Jim Laurie CTO & co-founder @ Strapi


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