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Strapi Builders: How Strapi uses Strapi

About this event

In this webinar, Daniel Madalitso Phiri - Strapi Developer Advocate and Yves Do - Marketing Director will be kicking off a new series of webinars where we talk to people building and enabling solutions with Strapi. We'll be diving into how Strapi uses Strapi, what our content models look like and pushing Strapi to the limit with the Strapi website.

We've got a lot of requests to show off how strapi.io works under the hood! This is us giving you an answer ;)

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    MO G
    Marion Ott

  • Guest speaker
    RG G
    Raoul Gaillard

  • Team member
    Yves Do Marketing Director @ Strapi

  • Team member
    Daniel Phiri Developer Advocate @ Strapi


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