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Barely Managing: The Many Facets of Creative Management

About this event

This event was originally meant to be in person but in true account manager style we've re-grouped and will now be running this online with our partner Streamtime. Join us and see how peers across different industries tackle challenges and deal with managing different types of projects!

Many of us will be taking this opportunity to up-skill and pivot, learning new ways of doing things. Unfortunately, some of us may even be looking for alternate employment. With that in mind, we've gathered an amazing group of senior industry professionals to share their perspectives on creative management across the education, illustration, digital and human-centred design sectors.

You’ll leave this session with tangible ways to apply different management styles and fresh thinking about running creative projects. You’ll gain insights into how managers in different industries work and hopefully come away with some new angles on your own role.

Pour yourself a drink and join us online at 5:00pm AEST.

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    Jess Allison

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    Sarah Stratton

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    Jes Harris

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    Ben Shaw


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