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Energy and potential in your business

About this webinar

We are bringing you “The EX Factor” - a human-centred approach to employee experience design and sustaining competitive advantage.

Harnessing the insights from assessing over 6,000 professionals around the globe, this eye-opening and extremely practical session will introduce you to a data-led approach to identifying and nurturing a new breed of high-potential talent.

Led by Energx CEO Sean Hall you’ll learn how to thrive and grow in uncertain times by answering the questions:

  • How might I leave my people more mentally well than I found them?
  • How might I leave my people more creative and innovative than I found them?
  • How might I leave my people more emotionally intelligent and inclusive than I found them?
  • How might I leave my people more productive than I found them?

You have the option to experience The EX Factor for yourself by completing 15 minutes of pre-work:

  • The Energy ExIQ assessment identifies what’s energising you, what’s not and helps you set new energy goals. (5 minutes on your mobile)
  • The Superpowers assessment is a positive psychology tool which identifies your unique combination of character strengths to support you to turn up as your best every day. (10 minutes on your mobile)


Sean Hall is a TEDx speaker, mental health advocate and CEO of human performance company Energx. He has a unique combination of customer experience and employee experience having run a $9B telecommunications brand and delivered cultural transformation programs for up to 80,000 people. On top of this he has 5 world firsts for tech innovation which include having explorer and director James Cameron run a live science class from the middle of the Pacific Ocean and spending New Years Eve with Kylie Minogue. But it was experiencing severe burnout twice in three years that ultimately led him to create Energx and become obsessed with the links between mental wellbeing, innovation, productivity, and inclusion. Sean's pro bono work includes being a founding partner of the Mentally Healthy Change Group fighting mental health stigma in the creative industries and Head of Wellbeing for disability startup accelerator Remarkable.

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